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Viscera Cleanup Detail Review: Make Facilities Clean

Download Viscera Cleanup Detail if you want to know what special they do when a disaster happens. Here you will get tools to clean up the room removing blood and dirt left after cruel battles.

Graphics: 5

Graphics are good. Tools are well worked out. The environment is not extremely diverse, and a little bit obscure – that quite stands to reason. You can enjoy creative design packed with slightest details. Though there are no humans, just your hands you will see on the screen which does the dirty job.

Gameplay: 5

The background is rather global and heroic. Here the man saves humanity. There are aliens who invade and infest the territory. Unfortunately, a lot of people are killed, the premises are ruined, the blood is everywhere while the aliens do not stop and continue to spread terror and death. There are some survivors who have abandoned hope already, but one of them decide to fight back and destroy the evil. Battle was red and long. They use all available methods to react to each other. The human has to duel with the terrifying life-forms and alien mutations. The victory seems to go beyond belief, but still, the main character wins removing a threat.

The above long story is finished with rather a mess throughout the battlefield. And here a player comes. His task is to get the place cleaned up. Yes, this is not such an honorary right but still is very important. You are offered a mop and other utilities to do this unpleasant job. Use gloves to protect your hands, plasma laser, dispenser machines, and sniffer tool to perform in the best manner. All blood must be removed off the floor and ceiling!

Controls: 4

The player is expected to download the game and get into a level. Here you will see the main menu where you can find all the features suggested by the developer. Just follow the instructions, and you will manage to keep the situation under control and get all achievements. Main tools are activated with mouse wheel and buttons. Make a right or left click in order to perform some actions.

Replay Value: 5

The game is rather cute, and its replay value can be improved if you choose Sandbox mode. Here you are not expected only to clean up the environment, but also you can add mess even more. Then again you can put on the clothes of a space-station sanitation technician and start getting things cleaned up removing blood, viscera, bodies and all kind of litter. And do not forget that there is another way to extend amusement inviting mates to join as far as the game is a multiplayer. You can split the screen and enjoy cleaning together!

The Bottom Line

It is clear from Viscera Cleanup Detail review the main function of a player is to clean up the room, but there are other features. Find out more about them – start playing.


Download Viscera Cleanup Detail and feel powerful when cleaning up the facility messed after red battles..

Pros : Clever cleaning maps;
Burn option;
High replay value;
Hints as to finding last mess.

Cons : Not very bright graphics;
It is not easy to become Employee of the month.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 4

Replay Value 5

Average : 4.8

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