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Undertale Review: Pixelart Bests

The world of indie games is quite strange due to enormous number of yearly releases. However, only a few really important projects see the sun every year. Undertale retro RPG is not important. It’s a legendary title about a boy who found himself underground. Witty jokes, stylish graphics and the unconcealed soul - it’s a short list of what you get downloading Undertale for all major platforms.

Graphics: 5

Graphically, this game brings us back to the early 90s, showing nothing, but undetalized pixel creatures and levels. The whole look of Undertale is fully justified and proves that games our day don’t necessarily have to fight for best visuals as the most important part of it all is a sense of beauty. Undertale gathers stylization from such legendary titles as Super Mario Bros 1986 and Atari 2600 average gameplay. The result is impressive!

Gameplay: 5

In this masterpiece, you are offered to play for a little child who finds himself/herself lost in the underground world full of horrible (and nice) creatures and monsters. Centuries before, human beings decided to put scary monsters underground. That’s why they all feel the right to kill the child. However, as Undertale developed says: “This is the most peaceful game of all, where you can pass all missions without kills at all.

FIghting events are randomly scattered around the map of tunnels and caves, so you always face them unpredictably. Surprisingly, all monsters and fights are based on a single gameplay mechanic, but look and feel completely different. Each conversation includes fighting, chatting and a mercenary option. It means that you always have a choice whether to kill your rival or to find a way for a peaceful solution. Any single decision affects the whole plot dramatically. The more merciless you show, the more cheerful creatures around become. All along the whole gameplay is flavoured with witty author’s humour.

Controls: 5

It has features of platformers and Atari games with a view from above. All movements are easily done withkeyboard, Switch’s sticks and other controllers. Buttons are needed for confirmation or denial of something. Even though Undertale looks quite specific, it is played absolutely intuitively. Everything is incredibly well for a game that is made by 1 person. Impressive, isn’t it?

Replay Value: 5

High replayability rate of Undertale is absolutely obvious due to its flexible plot. Each decision may change the whole game. Characters and the story are very exciting, so you would certainly like to watch how cloud they behave if you managed to make friends with them instead of fighting. It’s a great fable, after all. A fable for kids with a good sense of humor, aged from 5 to 60 years old.

The Bottom Line

Undertale quest is definitely a unique gaming experience without any drawbacks, stupid suggestion or anything else. It’s just a great game with a kind and pleasant scenario, cute characters, and qualitative storyline. Everything except the music was done by a single person making it a real masterpiece that is worth precise exploration and at least a couple of walkthroughs. Beat them all to see what happens after your weighed solutions.


You should definitely download Undertale as soon as possible to dive into the world of amazing quests and hilarious dialogues!.

Pros : Cool 8-bit console style;
Convenient gamepad controls;
Unique storyline;
Many endings.

Cons : It’s rather a short game.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 5

Average : 5.0

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