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The Visitor Review: Short and Scaring

Download The Visitor and get horror experience playing this effective game. You will appreciate the high competence of the developer becoming evident from the very beginning. The most scaring thing here is jumping. The game was released in 2016 by Stephen Long, and most of the reviews are positive. So why don’t you try?!

Graphics: 5

The design is rather realistic and scaring. There is a relevant soundtrack so that it is better to put on the headset and get engaged with playing in order to feel that particular terrible mood. Though, the game is not shooty and almost without violent scenes, the developer has managed to create an atmosphere of horror. You will see dark furnished rooms where you will navigate using visual cues.

Gameplay: 5

The plot is clear when we read the name of the game. The player is suggested to struggle with a visitor which he does not wait for. Just in the middle of the night, you will hear calling to the door, and the action will start.

You can count on heavy atmosphere, a dark environment which is able to make you feel nervous, uncomfortable, and unsafe. All that tension is just without sense as you will understand at the end. But until you get closer to the finish, watch out! There is a Teddy Bear which should be minded.

Controls: 5

This game is unique because there is no need in any controls. There are visual cues on the screen which will tell you what to do and where to direct a gaze.

Replay Value: 2

The game is rather short, and definitely, it is made for having some fun or removing tension. You will manage to complete it in a quarter of hour maximum. Thus, scaring won’t be long, and you will not manage to be frightened seriously. We would say that there is no replay value at all, meaning that you do not need to repeat the experience. Though, if you want to bring down stress, you can try it again and get a portion of adrenalin.

The Bottom Line

This The Visitor review is for those who are looking for some game to entertain your friends and spend a dozen of minutes following the horror scenario. Within this reality, everything is simple even without controls.


Download The Visitor and find out what an accessible game means. Everything is easy here but still of high quality..

Pros : The strong effect of horror;
No need in controls;
Relaxing end.

Cons : Short;
No achievements and lack of replay value.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 2

Average : 4.3

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