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Stardew Valley Review

It is a country live simulation or farming simulation game where you shoulder the responsibility to take care of your grandfather’s farm in a place called Stardew Valley.

Graphics: 5

The game boasts of the miniature graphics which are amazingly designed, as well as, crafted. Though you play the game from an eagle-eye view, you get to see each and every element clearly. Be it the wooden logs, the houses, the barrels, the chimneys, the animals, the bush, or the crops, they have been precisely and carefully brought into existence. Further, certain animations, for instance, the rising smoke, the leaf movement due to the wind, etc. blow life to the graphics.

Gameplay: 5

The game begins with the avatar customization. You can keep a name of your avatar, finalize its gender, eye color, hair color, its animal preference, etc. Once you are done customizing your avatar, you are introduced to a cutscene where your grandfather bestows you with a part of his will which includes a plot of land and a small house.

You, then, get to choose one of five farm maps. Once chosen, you need to take care of the farm by sowing seeds, harvesting crops, and raising livestock. Apart from managing the farm, you get to interact with the neighbors, involve in tasks such as fishing, cooking, crafting, mining, etc.

With the income generated from the farm, you can further expand it by having buildings and facilities on it. You can even involve in ‘completing bundle’ to earn more money. Other than earning, when you complete bundles, you unlock a plenty of new areas and various game mechanics. There is a simple calendar rule in the game with 28 days in every month. Each of the months is a different season and it is you who decide which crop to grow in which month.

Controls: 5

The controls are pretty much easy to use and understand. Use your WASD keys to move the character in any direction. Press and hold the ‘Shift’ key on your keyboard to make the character run. You can use the right mouse button to check on any option. The left button of your mouse or the C key can be used to use a tool. There are other dedicated keys like F and M which allow you to read journal and access maps respectively.

Replay Value: 4

There is no hardcore storyline in the game and thus, there is no end to the game. It simply means that the players can enjoy the game for as long as they can. Though it may take some time to adjust to the game but once done, it is going to glue you to its gameplay. There are many ways to earn in the game and different ways to spend that money. Unlocking many tools, building various facilities, etc. all give the game a high replay value.


Explore the countryside as you control the character in Stardew Valley. Take care of your grandfather’s legacy, harvest crops, raise livestock, and involve in trading which gives you a regular income. Get to invest the income wisely to expand your farm. There are numerous amazing and exciting tasks that you get to undertake on the farm. Get your hands on all of them for a super fun and interesting gaming experience.


Manage your character’s time, energy, and money as it clear lands, plant crops and takes care of the entire farm. This is Stardew Valley, an open-ended game..

Pros : Simple Controls
Fast Gameplay
Avatar Customization Options
Plenty of Tools for Farming

Cons : The Energy Bar of the Character Comes Down Fast

Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 4

Average : 4.8

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