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Software Inc. Review: Managing Your Own Software Business

Software Inc. is a management game where you can construct and design buildings for optimal working conditions at the software company. You can also hire employees to help you research, design, and develop software in order to become a leader on the market. You can download Software Inc. if you have Windows 7+, Mac OS X, and SteamOS + Linux.

Graphics: 3

Graphics are quite simplistic but endearing. Even though it is not critical but in this Software Inc. review, it is worth stating that the game would benefit from slight graphics improvement, to make it more realistic and less cartoon-like.

Gameplay: 4

The main gameplay is centered around micromanagement of the software company, which needs to be built from scratch and turned into a successful corporation on an ever-changing simulated market. You and your team will be developing various software products, from operating systems up to video games.

When you start your journey, you need to create your avatar and customize it according to your liking. After you choose the name of your company, you can pick a location of the office and the starting cash. Then you are given a piece of land for the building of your office.

You will need to construct, furnish, and maintain office building of up to ten stories. Besides, you are required to build roads and ample parking spaces for your stuff to be satisfied with their commute to the job.

Constructing new office premises should be conducted with employees in mind. The better working conditions they have, the faster your company will be able to reach its business objectives. You need to tend to all employees’ demands, even such trivial as a decent coffee machine in the recreation room.

When hiring stuff, take into consideration your employees’ skill range. The more skilled your workers are, the quicker the design process is.

Initially, you will need to manage your finances wisely because the start-up amount isn’t large. However, in the later stages, as you progress and your company grows, the issue of financing will become secondary.

Controls: 4

It will take some time to learn how the controls work but eventually, after practicing for several hours, it will be easy to use all the available tools of a free-form building system.

Replay Value: 4

Software Inc. isn’t the game for everyone but if you’re into programming and designing, be it software products or company office building, the chances are that you will fall in love with this simulator game. The abundance of small details that need to be taken into consideration and the variety of further development options will surely keep you entertained for hours.

The Bottom Line

At the moment the game is in Early Access and interesting new features appear regularly. The game is not fully balanced yet, and the core gameplay is still being revised. However, many satisfied gamers say that they are surprised how good the game is at the moment and it’s hard to imagine how great the product will be after its final release.


This management game is entertaining enough to be one of the best Early Access games of this genre. The game is surely full of potential and has a lot to offer..

Pros : Interesting gameplay with unique design and management features;
User-friendly tutorial;
High replay value.

Cons : Graphics could be made more realistic.

Graphics 3

Gameplay 4

Controls 4

Replay Value 4

Average : 3.8

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