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Slap the Fly Review: Kill or Survive

Download Slap The Fly and get a choice to continue as a fly, spider, bee or a human who is to liquidate all the above-mentioned creatures. So, the mission will depend on your choice: to kill or to survive.

Graphics: 4

Graphics are rather fun with cute humans and animated insects. In general, there is nothing special they are rather nice. Last updates are characterized with improved performance. You will be satisfied with 3D environment and work of upgraded graphics engine.

Gameplay: 4

The game is developed to both solo and multiplayer. It can be played online. By now there are three humans and four insects. Every character is endowed with various skills which will be needed in getting achievements. Humans have particular weapons. Insects differ with abilities. There is a rat in addition which bites men. It is clear that humans are expected to kick each insect, but particularity is that they must do it three times. When they perform this task, the game will be over. If they do not manage to execute it, insects will win.

There are some useful features like the creation of some unusual insects. Player decides what he wants and chooses various parts of body, head, and sting. Chasing insects, a human can apply various tools and objects like a mousetrap, x-ray glasses, a lamp fly swatter, and a fire thrower. There are options connected with windows, doors, and other elements in the space around. You will have fun playing this game.

Controls: 4

Controls are easy; you can read more about them in tutorials and follow the recommendations. Here you will be suggested to play in Deathrun mode where humans have the opportunity to place traps, which the insects can avoid or fail to do it and get caught. There are automatic traps and the ones you can activate in a horror ambience.

Replay Value: 4

In fact, you can enjoy playing this game several times in order to improve your previous scores, but we cannot say that replay value is high here. Though taking into account a number of modifications, you will certainly get some fresh opportunities, new tools and weapons, additional customization features – so, it makes sense to play this game again soon thereafter. Check coming news from the developer in order to be aware of updates.

The Bottom Line 

After reading Slap The Fly review you will certainly want to try this game. You can invite your friends to join you as far as up to 6 players can take part in it.


Download Slap The Fly and create your own insect which can be a real fantastic monster or became a hunter and get victory killing them all..

Pros : 8 Maps;
Insect customization tool.

Cons : Simple challenges;
No advanced creator.

Graphics 4

Gameplay 4

Controls 4

Replay Value 4

Average : 4.0

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