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Poly Bridge Review: Try Yourself as an Engineer

Poly Bridge is an arcade game in which players need to build bridges that will have to withstand a certain load and not to break. Players can create levels themselves to share them with other players so that they can try to complete it. This is a sandbox and strategy game developed by Dry Cactus for the PC platform. Download Poly Bridge and unleash your engineering creativity.

Graphics: 4

The graphics of Poly Bridge is impressive. As indicated in the title, the game uses modern low-poly graphics, but, in this case, it is very appropriate. The levels please you with bright colors, funny small detail and cute models of cars, ships, airships, etc.

Gameplay: 4

The Poly Bridge game is a bridge builder simulator. In the game, you have to build bridges of various materials such as iron, steel, and wood. The game gives a lot of room for construction in the framework of a given budget, but you still have to choose between practical and original solutions.

The game consists of many levels and locations, during which you need to build ordinary bridges, suspension bridges, springboards, multi-level and adjustable constructions. Gradually, the complexity of the levels increases, as well as the number and weight of transport.

According to the Poly Bridge game review, you may feel like a loser at the construction site, but you shouldn’t give up because the solution, as always, is very simple.

After the bridge has been built, you will have to pass a test of strength and carry one or more vehicles through your newly built construction. Over time, in addition to the machines, there will be ships that must also pass under the bridge.

Controls: 4

The controls in the game are very easy. The main control is with the mouse. You can also use some keys when building – CTRL to move an element, ALT to delete an item, and Space or Middle mouse button to open the construction menu.

Replay Value: 4

In addition to an exciting and very challenging campaign of 100 levels, there is a Sandbox mode that allows you to create puzzle levels. Poly Bridge is integrated with Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Tumblr, Twitch, and Steam Workshop. A player can easily share his bridge-building masterpiece with friends by posting a replay in the form of a gif-animation or upload it to the Steam Workshop.

The Bottom Line

This is a great game that has well-thought physics and levels really make you think. Often, you come across a situation when a bridge that was built collapses at the very last moment and you have to rebuild it over and over again.


Be sure to download Poly Bridge – it’s a beautiful, fun, and clever game which is a very rare combination for the present times. This is probably one of the best bridge builder simulators available today..

Pros : Nice graphics;
Interesting tasks;
Unlimited variability;
Steam Workshop support.

Cons : The game can be a bit difficult at times.

Graphics 4

Gameplay 4

Controls 4

Replay Value 4

Average : 4.0

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