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Niche Review: Have Fun with Genetics and Make Your Tribe Survive

Niche is a genetics survival game, which is an interesting combination of simulation and turn-based strategy blended with roguelike features. You can download Niche if you have Windows 7+, Vista, Mac OS X 10.8+, and SteamOS + Linux.

Graphics: 3

The game looks fun and attractive because of the cute cartoon-like animals, which look like as if someone used watercolors to paint the adorable creatures. However, even though the characters are charming and the biomes are vibrant and pleasing to the eye, the graphics could’ve been less static.

Gameplay: 4

Niche game is fast-paced and that has a valid explanation. It mimics the world of nature where you don’t have much time to think when it comes to survival.

The game starts with a single creature, which is in search of the suitable candidate of the opposite sex to mate for a new generation to appear. When new animals are born, what you need to do is to take care of them. Your task is to make sure that the babies are fed and safe. They will mature and eventually expire. Migration isn’t obligatory, but it can offer different prospects, which are beneficial for the tribe.

For survival, it’s not enough to defend the members of your community from the predators. In fact, breeding is perhaps the most important task that you face in this game. You will need to deal with the genetics and the attributes that you want your newborns to develop can be chosen in the mutation menu. No special scientific knowledge is required and if you’re, for example, a biology student, figuring out what genes to choose for having strong offsprings will be a walk in the park.

What’s worth mentioning is the sound, which is great because it has a special purpose in this survival game. When you’re in unfamiliar territory, and another creature comes close to you, the warning sound can be heard. Besides, there is a calming effect when in the background you hear water running or birds singing. The ambient soundtrack is also appealing and doesn’t distract you from the game in any way.

Controls: 4

The creatures are moving a lot, so intuitive controls are required. Many actions are repetitive, so there’s not much to remember about how to direct the movements of animals since you get used to controls very quickly.

Replay Value: 3

We try to be objective in our Niche review and can say here that the replay value of this game is high mainly for those who are into biology and genetics. Nevertheless, those who simply want to spend some time in the company of cute animals can also want to regularly come back for more genetics experiments. There are many possible scenarios, so there’s plenty to explore on your way to the domination of your species.

The Bottom Line

The game is fun but genetics is brutal, so one has to be prepared for facing unforgiving nature actions. Overall, Niche is worth the attention thanks to its diverse environments, fantastic sound effects, educational aspect, and adorable animals, which you would want to grab from the screen and save from the inevitable extinction.


The concept of Niche game is great as well as its execution. If you want to try yourself as a scientist-experimentator who is capable of shaping species of animals based upon genetics, this game will get you engaged for hours..

Pros : The creatures are cute and the biomes are vibrant looking;
Fantastic sound effects;
Besides being entertaining, the game is educational.

Cons : Some players find the game to be distressing because some animals die;
The replay value could be higher.

Graphics 3

Gameplay 4

Controls 4

Replay Value 3

Average : 3.5

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