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My Summer Car Review: It’s Not Only About Cars

My Summer Car is a game that allows you to build your own cars in a slightly absurd open world. If you already feel intrigued, go ahead and download My Summer Car for your PC today!

Graphics: 4

The graphics are not really the main point of this game, but it’s still nice when the graphics fit the overall gameplay atmosphere. In case with the My Summer Car game, the rough, kind of old-school graphics do match the spirit of the game and create a unique aesthetic, but we do feel like some smaller objects, such as hands, tools, or car parts, could’ve benefitted from a little more detail.

Gameplay: 5

Whether you agree with our minor graphics concerns doesn’t really matter because it’s the gameplay where My Summer Car really shines. You get to explore a wacky open world full of exciting, sometimes weird locations that offer jobs, provide opportunities to meet people, and sell basic necessities. That’s right, My Summer Car is not all about cars, so you need to take care of your character in order for them to survive and actually be able to build cars. You need to keep your character hydrated, well-fed, and don’t forget to empty their bladder from time to time.

By the way, doing the latter can turn out to be an experience of its own because in the My Summer Car PC game you are free to pee at strangers whenever you wish. If that’s not enough, there are also three separate commands to curse at them, and flipping them off is always an option, too!

Controls: 5

There isn’t really much to say about controls in My Summer Car because they’re simply there, working flawlessly and allowing you to move around and interact with your surroundings. Much of what you do in My Summer Car is not about precision, it’s about the interaction and experience, so the controls are not the central gameplay aspect.

Replay Value: 5

We’re not sure there’s actually an end to the My Summer Car game because you can always keep taking on new jobs, upgrading your cars, building new ones, and of course, offending strangers. Thus, the replay value of this game lies in its ability to keep you coming back for more, and we think My Summer Car has that in spades. It’s a one of a kind game that offers authentic, unique experiences, and you’re not going to get bored with it after just several hours of playing.

The Bottom Line

Given the accessibility of modern technologies, pretty much anyone with a decent laptop can learn the skills required to develop games and create one. This results in an abundance of indie games, some of which turn out to be gems like My Summer Car. If you enjoy open world games with plenty of things to do, you should definitely check out My Summer Car and start working on your first vehicle!


We hope that our review has convinced you that you need to download My Summer Car right now, as it is an amazing game that’s definitely worth your time and money..

Pros : Unique gameplay;
Exciting open world;
Wonderfully weird atmosphere.

Cons : Lack of detail in small graphic objects.

Graphics 4

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 5

Average : 4.8

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