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Kingdoms and Castles Review: Build Your Castle and Protect It

Kingdoms and Castles is a town planning simulator with tower defense elements. The release date of the game is July 20th, 2017. You will need to control a small island on which you have to build your fortress and the city. The rest is like in the stereotypical Middle Ages. You need to make sure that the peasants living in your kingdom do not starve because of your inept planning, leaving you completely alone. Download Kingdoms and Castles on your Windows or Mac and imagine yourself a king of a great kingdom.

Graphics: 4

The game has a cute design and pleasant graphics. When the game requires you to spend several hours building a great village, the general picture should not annoy you and be quite attractive. Fortunately, there are blue oceans, green fields, and even green trees that will satisfy your aesthetic tastes. According to the Kingdoms and Castles review, the animation of the construction of the castle walls is very cool.

Gameplay: 4

A big city will start with lonely shacks, but rather quickly large estates and service buildings will appear next to them. There are few buildings in the game, but they are all important and, in fact, make up one large industrial chain. To extract resources, workers are needed. To attract people, you need to build them housing. To build housing, you need these same resources.

Kingdoms and Castles game online has a few dozen buildings. They have their own specializations such as peasant, urban service, agricultural, and industrial. There are no long production chains in the game, and your maximum is to make bread from wheat or tools from iron.

Controls: 4

Kingdoms and Castles game combines the control of the city and the attacking-defensive military actions. However, a seemingly simple-looking game has a couple of innovations such as a change of seasons, which would make you stock up on food and other supplies for the winter, and the plague, which can kill the population of your settlement.

Replay Value: 4

The game does not have a story. So far this is a big sandbox in which you need to build and defend your kingdom from various enemies. You will not have any other goals, and this can be a problem in retaining players.

The Bottom Line

The simplicity of mechanics, as in Kingdoms and Castles, has never been a disadvantage, but only on the condition that you have several interesting modes and some kind of narrative line. Here you explore everything that is in the game, in just a few hours. After that, you may not want to continue.


In general, Kingdoms and Castles is a great sandbox that, unfortunately, lacks some content. But you can still download Kingdoms and Castles and enjoy a town building simulator that also includes the elements of RTS, where you need to provide great defense..

Pros : The game has very pleasant graphics;
There are interesting mechanics that will make you play the game for hours;
It is very easy to play the game.

Cons : There could have been more content;
The game is not free and costs $9.99.

Graphics 4

Gameplay 4

Controls 4

Replay Value 4

Average : 4.0

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