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Kerbal Space Program Review: Impossible to Interrupt

Kerbal Space Program is deep and funny physics simulator combined with a solar sandbox. You should not take it seriously but enjoy…failing to perform the task starting from building a rocket with the Kerbals – key characters to flying into space. Download Kerbal Space Program and start making attempts. You can install the game on PC, PS4, Linux, Mac OS, Xbox One and Wii U.

Graphics: 5

Visuals of Kerbal Space Program full game are really nice, though, the game is designed for an audience preferring cold colors and physics. You will view such style both in surrounding and the nature of the Kerbals. They are awkward self-educates amateurs looking rather cute.

Gameplay: 5

The Kerbals gameplay looks like the space program to explore other planets. You will navigate a character assembling spacecraft applying true aerodynamic and orbital physics. Kerbal crew fly around the Kerbol solar system building space stations and bases for purpose of expansion. There are modes with different missions and goals.

Career mode is about blasting a rocket into space. You will face restrictions as to spaceship parts, fuel supply, and time. You will have to find a balance between the weight of the rocket, thrust, and fuel. There are even more difficult missions which require resources which can be bought for money or reputation earned when you complete contacts. Also when you have more money, you can enhance buildings and become more efficient creating better ships.

Science mode is more technically progressive but contains more restrictions. And Sandbox allows acting as you want, using all resources without limits. You can make your ship maneuver as you want using setup, hire and train members of Kerbal crew for space flights. They are going to explore new planets and moons sending satellites for scanning the surface and find life or any other secrets. There are so many construction options and objects you can make including surface bases on new planets. There are settings for communications networks needed to keep all members of a team in touch.

Controls: 5

As far as there are several modes, you will have to master several sets of controls. But for a standard game, there is a default list. Your character will be able to pitch and roll adjustment, decrease and increase throttle, scroll stage, walk, sprint and do plenty of other things. 

Replay Value: 5

If you have read the Kerbal Space Program review from the very beginning, you understand that replayability is very high. Tasks are rather complicated, so you will spend a lot of time to perform just one of them. In addition, you have three modes with unique missions and purposes.

Bottom Line

In general, this Kerbal Space Program game expects from players that they will learn from doing, that is why you will not be punished a lot if you make mistakes or fail. You should do your best to be forced to restart. You can learn structure with Career mode, achieve the brilliant results in Science mode, and feel absolutely free about design and other things in Sandbox. Kerbal Space program PC version can be bought on Steam, its price is $39.99.  


Download Kerbal Space Program if you are interested in Aeronautics or Aerospace and start building your spaceship to launch it into the space and land on a strange planet..

Pros : Strong physics;
Complicated challenges;
Endless game.

Cons : No multiplayer.
Rather complicated.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 5

Average : 5.0

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