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HunieCam Studio Review: Have Fun Managing Cam Studio

Download HunieCam Studio and run your show business with 18 hired girls. The game was developed by HuniePot and released in 2016. It is played in real time.

Graphics: 4

Graphics are really nice! Girls are tempting. There is a rich wardrobe with more than a hundred hot outfits. You can unlock new hairstyles. In the game, there are sex toys and accessories looking very realistic and applied by girls in their performances. You can apply various soundtracks which are available in full uncompressed quality and in a convenient mp3 format.

Gameplay: 5

First of all, we should say that all sexual context (both wordy and visual) in this game is mostly for fun. There is a lot of humor in all those pictures. So you hardly should expect for sex play here. Thus, it is rather a management simulator. The plot is rather simple. There is a studio where a player is expected to run business connected with cam performances, meaning that pretty girls offer entertainment over the Internet. Services are not of premium quality but still attract visitors.

Key task is to become even more popular in this activity and earn a lot of money. Arrange casting and recruit experienced cam models. And then every day you should manage the girls, keep their activities under control in order to make them stress-free and productive. Think about all aspects of your business so that it would be successful. You are expected to improve functions, motivate and promote girls, optimize shows. About 18 beautiful cam girls are ready to earn money satisfying diverse preferences. You should send them to strip club to make them even more skilled, then to photo studio and spa. Find out more about your fans to find the best decisions for them and to increase revenue. Do not forget that there are adult sites and platforms where your studio can be in demand! Go ahead – sharpen the business!

Controls: 5

In order to play this game, it is better to start with the suggested guide, where you can get information about every girl with their salary, talents, fetishes they use and other data. If you succeed in making girls much-in-demand, you earn points. All the options are available on the screen. You will see a menu of five sections downwards: girls, books, promo, invest, fans. There is a panel with current information of the hired girls rightwards. On the top, you will see data of your financial state and calendar. Just follow the tips, and you will play easily.

Replay Value: 5

The game is interesting indeed. It requires strategy and skill, only in this way you are able to get a high score. You will see the records of other gamers. If someone achieves higher results, you can play again in order to get the best try. Every next play you will find out more of what could be done better. This motivation is rather efficient that is why we should confess that replay value is high.

The Bottom Line

HunieCam Studio review proves this game to be one of the biggest surprises when it was released. Do you know the reason for such a public response? It is rather fun regardless of cam performances.


Download HunieCam Studio if you want to have fun… but first of all it will be interesting if you are fond of games where a player builds a business empire..

Pros : Vivid and rich graphics;
Rather strong management achievements.

Cons : Adult content.

Graphics 4

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 5

Average : 4.8

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