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Goat Simulator Review: Just Crash It All

Download Goat Simulator and become a goat. This is an open-ended game with scenes laid in a suburban. It was designed as a joke without any deepness. The main character may do everything that is a real goat can do: jump, run, lick and so on.

Graphics: 3

The key character is a goat which is very realistic being a picture of a real animal. In general, most scenes include photos as a background. Though, there are also rooms with animated people and simple furniture. We cannot say that graphics are worth particular attention. It is not worked out well enough but it is stylish and within a genre.

Gameplay: 4

The gameplay is simple at first sight but still playing process can be rather addictive if you take it as it comes. The key target here is to destruct as much as a goat can do. Here you are not expected to think a lot. Forget about getting complicated achievements or doing skilled tricks. Just wreck stuff in your special manner. Apply imagination, and you will earn a lot of points! If you find small gold goat statues hidden somewhere around, you will be able to restart the game with new possibilities in various modifications of a goat. So, you are offered to choose a demon goat or even an ostrich. In Sandbox mode, various Easter eggs are suggested to be found.

Controls: 4

Controls are rather simple. When you play on your PC, you will use a keyboard. Press W to walk forward, press A to turn left. If you are going to lick an object and attack, press the right mouse button. For headbutt, you will need pressing the left mouse button. That’s it! Everything is clear. Just be sure that you see everything around in order to crash it all completely. Bring down stress if you have it before starting. You can make the game run slowly and apply numerous environmental features. For instance, you can launch the goat into the air.

Replay Value: 4

The game is not demanding. Of course, you will get some scores, but indeed the principle idea is in crashing surrounding without any sense and reasons. So, it depends on preferences. If you like strategy or building games, then you will be bored even to continue. If there is a need in some rest when you want to ease stress in a non-stop mode, in this case, replay value for you will be excellent.

The Bottom Line 

As we have tried to show in this Goat Simulator review this game is rather stupid, to be honest. But if you want to know everything about existing gaming, try it, and you will learn more.


Download Goat Simulator and become an alpha goat. Do you like such a perspective?.

Pros : Cute design.
Stress relieving.
Simple controls.

Cons : Poor challenges.
Lack of sense.

Graphics 3

Gameplay 4

Controls 4

Replay Value 4

Average : 3.8

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