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Garry's Mod Review

Garry’s Mod is a well-known sandbox-style game where a player can roam freely and manipulate the props. It is a creative physics simulation game which has many other enjoyable modes that make it truly irresistible.

Graphics: 4

The gameplay grabs your attention more as it has convincing graphics to back it all the way. Being a mod of Source engine based game called Half-Life 2, Garry’s Mod is an actual treat with its nice physics and superior graphics. Its brilliant graphics have earned it a heavy fanbase across the world. Moreover, with the evolution of the game, players can now use add-ons to better their graphics experience.

Gameplay: 5

Garry’s Mod is a fun and addictive game that has tons of game modes besides the default sandbox mode. In this single-player mode, you can weld objects together to build vehicles, weapons, forts and many other awesome things. Most of the other custom modes are multiplayer and can be the entire games in themselves.

One of the most popular custom game modes, Trouble in Terrorist Town, has a team of terrorists searching for traitors among them. It is an action-packed mode where some players are selected to be traitors and have to kill the innocent ones. It gets all the more challenging when the traitors are the minority. The traitors can succeed in saving themselves only if they use their special equipment and try an unexpected move on the opponent during the game.

A player can also try role-playing in some Garry’s Mod game modes posing as a military personnel, or as an innocent citizen, or even a character in an unreal universe.

Controls: 4

The controls of the game are quite easy to understand. With the WASD or the arrow keys, you can control the movement of the protagonist. Further, there are other keys that help you in attacking and defeating the opponents. For instance, you can use Ctrl button to crouch, E to move objects, etc. Your mouse too helps a lot in controlling various elements of the game. You can use it to aim, shoot, take a good view of your surroundings, etc.

Replay Value: 4.5

Garry’s Mod sandbox mode allows to gather and weld stuff endlessly. As one can download and add content from other games, its novel vibe never seems to fade. Moreover, Trouble in Terrorist Town (TTT) is already a heart-winning mode as it pushes the player to use social engineering to find out the traitors. It has quite a high replay value and players return to knock down their opponents repeatedly.


All in all, Garry’s Mod is an exciting game that transports you to a small, virtual world where possibilities are numerous. Garry’s Mod is perfect for players seeking to satisfy their love for good physics, making cool things, and testing their building capabilities.  Whether someone wants to make a rocket to fly it to the moon or cooperatively build something marvelous with their friends online, this game gives that opportunity.


Garry’s Mod is the best bet if you look forward to enjoying a unique game with a decent amount of game modes..

Pros : Massive Amount of Add-Ons
Fun Game to Show Creativity

Cons : Sometimes Lag
Annoying Kid Players

Graphics 4

Gameplay 5

Controls 4

Replay Value 4.5

Average : 4.4

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