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Flix and Chill Review: Try to Get Hearts from Dates

Another dating simulator will help you to have some rest and practice in this activity. Download Flix and Chill and find out more about courtship behavior.

Graphics: 4

In general, graphics are rather basic, they are stylish, but we think, they could be better in order to make a player’s experience more interesting. The story is set at a coffee shop, dance glass, nightclub. Characters look like animated ones with primitive silhouettes and without facial features mostly. Clothes is simple. Furniture is poor. Who cares?! What’s most important is a relationship!

Gameplay: 5

The end goal of this game is to make a character to agree to date with you. You will be offered to become various individuals which are going to have the first blind date. And the result of this meeting completely depends on your ability to be attractive, attentive, sexual, tolerant, clever or polite. Choose any strategy you suppose will help to achieve the result and make your partner fall in love with you. In each episode, you will be introduced to a new person with a set of features, moral choices and dialogues. You will get a wide range of endings for one date. Though, you will feel a little bit that the game is man oriented because the plot is based on the guy’s experience mostly. There are five dates and four of them you will play as a man. Anyway, it is a good chance to understand a counterpart better with his hesitation and doubts. Branching storylines are definitely the strong points in this simulator. You will take part in all-too-real dating conversations and find the way out of situations which are so familiar to those who try to meet their love mate.

Controls: 5

Having downloaded the game, you will see the level choice and, click on the Play button and start playing. Then you are expected to follow the instructions appearing on the screen, tapping the button whenever it is needed. When there is a date, a player is suggested to choose one of the dialogues and actions, which could satisfy a potential partner. If you say the right words, the choice is accepted.

Replay Value: 3

Replay value is good but not very high. Though, diversity depends on the purpose. A player can complete a stage and leave it without going in deep. In this case, the game can last for about an hour. But there are a lot of built-in achievements which make playing more complicated and encourage players to try again to make it even better or just in a different way. But if a stage is over, it’s difficult to restart in order to select different dialogues.

The Bottom Line

This Flix and Chill review gives a clear idea of the game being a dating simulator which will be appreciated by romantics. It was developed by Jason Lovett as a perfect tool for those who want to enjoy maneuvering through the dates and get the expected result…at least in the game.


Download Flix and Chill in order to meet a challenge of unexpected consequences of your virtual dates. Are you ready for ex-boyfriends? Be sure that there is a way out..

Pros : Functional graphics;
Witty moments.

Cons : Simple plot.

Graphics 4

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 3

Average : 4.3

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