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Dog Sled Saga Review: Race the First

Download Dog Sled Saga in order to take part in real dog racing and treat the dogs in a proper way to achieve the best results.

Graphics: 5

Graphics are really nice. Here you will enjoy pixel-grid art style and frame-by-frame animation. The environment is really beautiful: those moonlit races and fantastic heavy snowfall. Racing comes with wildlife activity in scenery when a hawk is flying in the sky, or a deer is staring at the dogs which are highly detailed. There is a lot of cute and efficient animation. And you will certainly admire appropriate soundtrack. It includes multiple layers which interchange while the dogs are racing.

Gameplay: 5

You have a team of dogs dedicated to racing. You have to treat the dogs. While doing this, you will get to know them better with every passing day. Pets show their unique traits, and that fact makes the development of the action unpredictable and engrossing. In addition, you can impact on their behaviour, for instance, you can feed dogs if you need them to run faster. Speed definitely depends on hunger. So, you will get a challenge when the food is limited, and you are to find the way out in order to keep racing at full speed.

The key purpose is to win racing and reach the top league. To do that you are expected to find and hire dogs, breed puppies and manage the stuff. You also plan monthly expenses of league. It would be nice if you manage to get sponsorship deals. As you see the game is multitasking. There are so many things to do. You can find yourself with an empty bank account and necessity to pay the bills. You are to balance reward and risk a deadline. Do you know how you can do it?

Controls: 5

This is an example of a one-button reaction game. Developer provides gamepad support. When you download the game, on the screen, you will see menus with key actions: Quick Errands and Regimen. Just follow the instructions, and you will see any needed feature inside this menu or tutorial.

Replay Value: 5

Replay value is rather high. To start with you have unique dogs with their different conditions and behaviors. You are free to choose gender and personality. A dog can be female and male, strong and steady. Choice determines the game. Properly balance your team. Though, this game has a simple, pick-up-and-play interaction, the deep systems are also suggested to be uncovered by players. You will be estimated in accordance with several aspects: media, league and guild of mushers. There are really a lot of functions and tasks, so you will replay it again and again in order to learn everything in this game.

The Bottom Line

Being released in 2016 this game is rather popular up to now. In this Dog Sled Saga review, you have learned about the key tasks which are much more diverse and numerous in fact. If you love pets and want to know more about team management, you are welcome.


Download Dog Sled Saga – a serious and multitasking team management simulation where you are to select, train dogs, find partners, manage resources, and get other challenges..

Pros : Involving gameplay;
Perfect graphics with beautiful scenery;
Develops management skills.

Cons : None of them.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 5

Average : 5.0

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