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Cat Goes Fishing Game Review

Do you love fishing? Do you love playing video games? Then get the best of both worlds with Cat Goes FIshing - an indie strategy fishing game. Play as a cat who is sitting on the edge of a lake and involved in fishing of some rare species of fish.

Graphics: 3.5

You play Cat Goes Fishing from a side-scrolling perspective. The backdrop is simple with the graphics of few plants and leaves and a small home-like structure. The cat sitting by the side of the lake is adorable and so are the different species of the fish in the water. Together the fish make the interface of the game colorful. All in all, the graphics of the game is pretty much decent and you, as the gamer, doesn’t face any graphical glitch.

Gameplay: 5

There is no hardcore story that the game follows. However, it has a gameplay that is easy to understand yet challenging. You are a cat who is on its fishing trip. There are a plenty of fish in the lake and each has its own price. Catch them with your fishing rod and sell them to make earning. However, here is a small catch that you need to keep in mind. If you don’t pull out your rod soon, the bigger fish may eat the fish that you have caught. A damaged or half-eaten fish fetch you less or no price at all.

You can even make the fish that you have caught as your bait to catch the bigger fish. With your earnings, you can unlock various elements such as new rods, hat, rocket, bomb, etc. All these help you to catch more fish and increase your earning. There are many quests, as well as, little challenges that you need to solve.

Controls: 4  

There are few controls in the game which one gel with in some time of playing the game. Use your mouse keys to control your fishing rod. The longer you hold, the farther it will go into the lake. Once in the lake, you can control the fishing thread to ensure that other fish do not damage your caught fish or you do not catch a wrong fish. Also, the game offers you many options that you can select by clicking on them.

Replay Value: 5

Cat Goes Fishing is one such game that is hard to leave and not to play again and again. That stubbornness to battle all the other fish and bring out the one that you have caught hold you to the game for hours. Further, the quests and various other elements to unlock make you adhere to the game. There is no hardcore ending to the game and thus, players return to it frequently to fulfill their desire of fishing and ‘earn some money.’


If games that ask you to deploy your strategic skill is something that you wish to play, Cat Goes Fishing is for you. Though it has a simple gameplay, the quests and elements that have been added to the app make it all the more interesting and exciting. Catch the fish, bring them out safely, and sell it to increase your bank balance by leaps and bounds.


Let the cat do the fishing and earn for you. Rejoice a simple gameplay only with this terrific indie strategy game - Cat Goes Fishing..

Pros : Simple Controls
A High Replay Value
Lots of Amazing Elements to Unlock

Cons : Not For Those Looking for HighEnd Graphics and Action

Graphics 3.5

Gameplay 5

Controls 4

Replay Value 5

Average : 4.4

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