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BalanCity Review: Fear the Gravity

BalanCity is a game that defies our expectations of the city building genre. It also defies the laws of physics from time to time. You can download BalanCity on your PC or Mac from Steam.

Graphics: 3

Admittedly, graphics are far from the main attraction in BalanCity, but we still think that they would benefit from some refining. The current graphics won’t prevent you from enjoying the game, but they do look a little underwhelming at times. Adding some detail and sticking to a certain visual style would definitely improve the first impression of the game for most players.

Gameplay: 3

Playing BalanCity made us think of countless games we’ve already seen that are based on an original concept that somehow failed to be properly executed. Don’t get us wrong, the game still is fun to play, but the small shortcomings present in graphics, controls, and other aspects of the game pile on one another and eventually become more and more difficult to ignore.

The physics and mechanics in BalanCity are definitely unlike any other game we’ve seen, but they do get confusing at times. If you’re really excited about the game and invested in making progress, losing your city to an accidental mistake is bound to be frustrating. Sometimes you lose the game and you don’t even know why because there are no clear rules or at least tips to help you figure out what went wrong.

Controls: 3

The controls in BalanCity are sometimes not precise enough, which results in making accidental mistakes and offsetting your city’s precarious balance because of them. They are good enough to provide a decent playing experience if you’re attentive and patient, but they also could use some improvement. On the bright side, the controls are quite intuitive, so the learning curve for new players is virtually non-existent.

Replay Value: 3

BalanCity is primarily a time killer game, and you can’t invest hours into building your city like you would in SimCity and similar games. Once you’ve completed all missions and scenarios, you can either keep replaying them or just playing the Free Build mode. You are still going to enjoy BalanCity for a while, but it doesn’t have enough content to keep you occupied in the long run.

The Bottom Line

BalanCity takes the concept of a city building game and simplifies it, leaving only the core elements. To compensate for that, BalanCity has turned to physics, making you balance your whole city on an unstable platform as you build it up and try to keep all your citizens satisfied. This is a fun concept, and you’ll likely have a lot of fun playing the missions and natural disaster scenarios.


If you don’t mind the uninspired graphics and have some time to kill, go on and download BalanCity from Steam for your Mac or PC!.

Pros : Innovative game concept;
Challenging missions and scenarios;
Original gameplay mechanics.

Cons : Somewhat confusing physics;
Bland graphics.

Graphics 3

Gameplay 3

Controls 3

Replay Value 3

Average : 3.0

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