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Ant Queen Review: Build Your Own Empire

Download Ant Queen and you will get a chance to establish the empire of the Ant Queen. This simulation game allows for arranging various types of ants for creating a stable ant colony.

Graphics: 5

Graphics are rather plain. On the screen, you will see a yard, shown in top-down perspective. There are little ants running or acting on this yard. You can control all the participants of the process and see it quite distinct but without much details.

Gameplay: 5

Interesting fact about this gameplay is that it is based on true principles of creation of ant colony in the wild nature. Here you will find yourself in an environment where various occasions influence on the future and determine a result which you cannot predict to the full extent. It is a very realistic ant game where you will learn more about these creatures. As to a plot, a player acts as a queen and controls black ant units in order to get achievements.

There are 19 levels. At each one, the ants acquire resources and improve the Empire providing you with more possibilities and power. But when you start, you are alone looking for a safe place escaping from being killed by bugs. You will find an ant which will take care of the larvae and feed the queen. Then worker ants appear for collecting food. You need an army and soldier ants to help you to protect the colony. In addition, there are the super soldier ants they have particular strength. You will understand how to use an ant of a different type. But even when you know tools, you will hardly be able to apply them until you master your skills.

Queen has her health which can be lost when every ant takes more of her health away. In order to repair it, queen invites nurser ants which are expected to feed her or digger ants which should dig making her stronger. When bugs appear, all ants, meaning the entire colony, stop building and defeat the enemies. Thus, they lost precious time which is needed for building up the colony. That is a challenge too. Overcoming all obstacles and performing the tasks, you progress and unlock new ants with new features.

Controls: 4

Controls are rather simple. But, unfortunately, they are rather poor at the first level. Developer removes bugs, but still, you can have irritating experience when controls are not always functional. Further on, things become better. You will find the guide which will teach you how to play. For instance, double-clicking the ant you move it.

Replay Value: 5

Replay value is very high because a player has to learn a lot of functions of ants and he will succeed in this only when he is deep into the game. It will take some time to replay the game in order to get all the challenges. Besides, in addition to Story Mode, there is Sandbox mode providing you with endless offering to play at any place of the map which is randomly generated. You can set difficulty from easy to hard or just stay with the same complexity and replay trying to beat your previous score.

The Bottom Line 

Though, this Ant Queen review sounds rather good, the game itself is not perfect, we must say, but it is really interesting, and you will certainly have fun. In addition, you will appreciate strategic targets here.


Download Ant Queen and you will get a charming time-waster..

Pros : Nice background music;
Carefully explained tutorial;
Randomized map.

Cons : No achievements;

Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 4

Replay Value 5

Average : 4.8

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